1154 I VOLLYE av Oderup

sire: GEORGE av Oderup

dam: 400 VOLLYE av Hasselbacken

owner: ROMNAHÖG Limousin

Oderup Limousin was founded in the middle of Skåne in the year of 1989 and have since developed in to one of the most

succesful Limousin herds in Sweden.

We take great pride in producing pedigree for breeding with good linear scoring for which we have been awarded for in numerous exhibitions.


Our ambition is to breed good linear scored animals which provide a good economic return.

The females should have a really rich production of milk so that the calves are large at weaning and therefor require less feeding in the stables before being ready for slaughter. All youth regardles of gender should classify as E or U during slaughter.

We place high demands on the manageability of the animals. Not docile animals are always slaughtered no matter how interesting breedingwise.

The cows at Oderup have never had anything else to eat other than grass, straw and minerals.

This means that only those who hold high heritability for good muscular development and good milk predisposition survive in our breeding process.


There are 16 Breed Champion (best limousin at show of male and female) titles in our herd, 13 of which are from our own breeding. All Breed Champion title at MILA show has gone to Oderup Limousin since 2005 to 2019.

Our herd today holds 13 Male Champion titles, (best limousin male at show) MILA 2005, ELMIA 2006, MILA 2007, MILA 2009, MILA 2013, MILA 2014, MILA 2015, ELMIA 2015, MILA 2016, ELMIA 2016, MILA 2017, MILA 2018 and MILA 2019.

We also today holds 13 Female Champion titles, (best limousin female at show) ELMIA 1997, MILA 2003, ELMIA 2003, MILA 2005, ELMIA 2006, MILA 2011, ELMIA 2011, MILA 2013, MILA 2014, MILA 2015, ELMIA 2015, MILA 2018 and MILA 2019 all born at Oderup.

Reserv Champion Female, (second best Limousin female at show) at MILA 1999, MILA 2001, MILA 2003, ELMIA 2003, MILA 2007, MILA 2009, MILA 2013, ELMIA 2013, MILA 2014, MILA 2015, ELMIA 2016 and MILA 2017 are also females born at Oderup.

Reserv Champion Male, (second best Limousin male at show) MILA 2003, ELMIA 2013, MILA 2014, ELMIA 2015, MILA 2016 and MILA 2017 are also males used in our herd.

Oderup Limousin is also the only limousin herd in Sweden awarded with the titles Best in Show, Overall Champion,  purchased breeding bull 399 UNIC of Hasselbacken T111 MILA 2005, 87 V SIBYLLA of Oderup Female MILA 2005, 1028 E EMMA of Oderup MILA 2011, 482 HANS of Oderup Pp MILA 2016 and 482 HANS av Oderup Pp Male MILA 2018

MILA 2017


HANS av Oderup Pp*



INGO av Oderup T110


Oderup Limousin

Carina o Rolf Hansson

Oderup 9222

242 97 Hörby


Rolf: +46 70-574 06 66

Carina: +46 76-127 27 73

E-mail: oderup@oderup.se

Facebook: Oderup Limousin